Arranging Lines, Placing Shapes:
Works on Paper

Summer 2012

Curated by Amanda Lineweber

The exhibit features paintings, drawings, and prints on paper from several local artists including Mariah Anne Johnson, Christopher Cunetto, Annie Albagli, and Hannah Rosenstein, as well as Johannah Katherine Hall and Emilia W. Olsen.

Each artist included in the show explores, in their own way, the tension that exists between organic and constructed forms, using this juxtaposition to express complexities of memory or emotion. In many cases creating this strain is the only way to communicate paired emotions such as regret and nostalgia or affection and disdain. These six artists have worked through their knots of thought carefully, being deliberate in their use of both loose and tight forms.

The intense, intricate nature of these ideas is also expressed through a repetitive use of form and color, a habit of working in series, and highly worked, layered pieces. By re-visiting similar forms over a given period both the artist and the viewer can see, in the works, the evolution of thought or change in memory as time passes.

Johannah Katherine Hall Johannah Katherine Hall Mariah Anne Johnson Christopher Cunetto
Johannah Katherine Hall
Untitled VI, 2011
ink and pencil
25 x 30"

Johannah Katherine Hall
Untitled V, 2011
25 x 30"

Mariah Anne Johnson
Night Kitchen (Chinese Dog), 2010
acrylic and pencil
42 1/2 x 61 1/2" image

Christopher Cunetto
Demon: Eudiamonia, 2012
22 x 30"